International Phonetic Alphabet Sounds In Everyday Speech       

The IPA is a system of phonetic notation used to represent the pronunciation of words in written form as the spelling of the words does not tell you the way it is pronounced. In the IPA, each English sound has its own symbol, and those symbols are used to represent the pronunciation of the words combined to other symbols like the word stress symbol (‘) the use of brackets and superscripts.

Short Vowels

IPA SymbolWord examples
eWent, intend, send, letter.
æCat, hand, nap, flat, have.
ʌFun, love, money, one, London, come.
ʊPut, look, should, cook, book, look.
ɒRob, top, watch, squat, sausage.
əAlive, again, mother.

Long Vowels

IPA SymbolWord examples
i:Need, beat, team.
ɜ:Nurse, heard, third, turn.
ɔ:Talk, law, bored, yawn, jaw.
u:Few, boot, lose, gloomy, fruit, chew.
ɑ: Fast, car, hard, bath.

Diphthong Vowels

IPA SymbolWord examples
ɪəNear, ear, clear, tear, beer, fear
Hair, there, care, stairs, pear
Face, space, rain , case, eight
ɔɪJoy, employ, toy, coil, oyster.
My, sight, pride, kind, flight
əʊNo, don’t, stones, alone, hole
Mouth, house, brown, cow, out

Consonants Sounds: Fricatives

IPA SymbolWord examples
fFull, Friday, fish, knife.
vVest, village, view, cave.
θThought, think, Bath. 
ð There, those, brothers, others.
zZoo, crazy, lazy, zigzag, nose.
ʃShirt, rush, shop, cash.
ʒTelevision, delusion, casual
hHigh, help, hello.

Consonants Sounds: Plosives

IPA SymbolWord examples
pPin, cap, purpose, pause.
bBag, bubble, build, robe.
tTime, train, tow, late.
dDoor, day, drive, down, feed.
kCash, quick, cricket, sock.
gGirl, green, grass, flag.

Consonants Sounds: Affricates

IPA SymbolWord examples
ʈʃChoose, cheese, church, watch.
Joy, juggle, juice, stage.

Consonants Sounds: Nasals

IPA SymbolWord examples
mRoom, mother, mad, more.
nNow, nobody, knew, turn.
ŋKing, thing, song, swimming.

Consonants Sounds: Approximants

IPA SymbolWord examples
rRoad, roses, river, ring, ride.
jYellow, usual, tune, yesterday, yard.
wWall, walk, wine, world.
l and ɫLaw, lots, leap, long, pill, cold, chill, melt.